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The WritersCafe101

Welcome to the Writer's Cafe 101. Look for new and exciting things to come.

My name is Tina and I'm a writer, so this will be a writer's website, with lots of articles on writing, writing discussion groups, critique groups through email, with a chat room and bulletin boards for the various genres of writing.

Look forward to serving you.

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    Writing Articles

    Background: Setting - Place Ideas for Stories
    Learning to Write Too Good To Be True: The Flawless Character
    Minor Characters Breathing Life Into Our Characters
    Write the Story You Want to Tell From Raw Material To Story
    Plot Making Your Reader Feel
    Revision Knowing Your Fiction Characters
    Making Coincidence Believeable Essay Blogging

    Take a Peek at the Prologue and First
    Few Chapters of "Nothing Else Matters"

    Still Under Construction

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